My goal is to provide affordable, quality web development to nonprofits and green / socially-conscious businesses. My relationship with computers and databases began when I was fourteen as a collaboration among friends to automate our favorite role-playing game. I tried two years of electrical engineering before deciding that Computer Science was more to my liking.

Coming from a theoretical background in software engineering has given me a strong appreciation for page validation, accessibility & SEO considerations, code optimization, separation of presentation & content, documentation, coding standards, and other best practices.  I strive to adhere to these values in my work, while at the same time finding the balance between the ideal & feasibility / budget.


  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • CSS (Bootstrap, Foundation, Sass)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS)
  • Git
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) / Section 508
  • Solr
  • Unix shell / SSH
  • Vagrant
  • Ansible
  • Photoshop, Fireworks
  • Eclipse
  • Xdebug
  • Varnish
  • APCu
  • Memcached
  • Zend Opcache


  • Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science.
  • Thorough familiarity with relational database design principles.
  • 5 years as staff developer at MAPLight.org.
  • 10 years as freelance web developer and I.T. consultant.
  • 1.5 years as webmaster and secondary I.T. support for Bay area nonprofit organization.
  • 1 year as principal I.T. support for 10-computer office.
  • Over ten years working with nonprofits and small businesses.

Past Projects / Clients

MapLight.org, votersedge.org (1st gen) – Lead developer, 5 yrs.  Custom modules, custom data entities, data ETL, data management, Solr integration, query optimization, custom themes, data visualizations.

Paula Nelson & the Guilty Pleasures – Site maintenance. Consulting on migration to CMS platform.

Cal Hiking & Outdoor Society – Sole developer: Drupal installation, custom theme, custom module, and patches to contrib. Assistance with maintenance of website & online membership database. Consulting on website & email list issues.

Magic Spark – CSS coding on several projects.

Insight Cruises – Consulted client on Joomla! capabilities and local installation of Apache / PHP / MySQL (Mac). Trained client on use of phpMyAdmin and installation of Joomla! & Wordpress.

Isaac Bauman – Trained client on use of Wordpress and theme customization.

Todd Gillens –  Sole developer: Contribute template site. Trained client on content editing.  Technical advisor to designer (Todd).

Nude Food – Sole developer: custom theme for Joomla! & digiSHOP shopping cart.

American Earth – Sole developer: custom theme for Joomla!.  Content entry and site maintenance by client.

Peaceful Goods –  Custom digiSHOP shopping cart & Contribute template website.

Center for Environmental Health – Sole developer: custom theme for Joomla!.

Northern California Hosteling International –  Sole developer: Joomla / Thyme / Wordpress installation, custom themes, and multi-site installation.

To-Go Ware –  Sole developer, digiShop shopping cart custom theme; collaborated on development of Contribute templates.

Extrovert Software – Collaborated in development of new features for Thyme's Joomla! integration module. Authored end-user documentation. Provided tech support for Thyme end-users & developers.

Hosteling International San Francisco – Sole developer: Thyme / Wordpress CMS custom theme (website now replaced by Northern California Hosteling International site).  Trained client on usage.

Independent Living Resource Center, SF – Sole developer: custom MS Access client management database. Ongoing maintenance.  Trained client on usage.

Foothill College Paramedic Program – General tech support, software training.

Small Press Distribution Books – Sole developer: custom MS Access donor management database.  Trained client on usage.

Stepping Stones Project – Performed customizations to Filemaker Pro / eBase database.  Implemented design enhancements on former website.  Trained client on usage.

Barbara Milliff Children's Center – Performed customizations to Filemaker Pro / eBase database.  Trained client on usage.

Origo, Inc – Custom static website.  Site has since been redesigned.

kanatsitapiiksi.org – Customized Wordpress website.

Beausoleil Architects – General I.T. support.

Rainbow Mountain Children's School – PC network installation.

References available upon request.