Notes on Molecule

Submitted by kentr on 02/25/2019, 18:02

Notes to self...

  • Including Ansible variables from the python test file won't interpolate variables that are defined in the same file.  

    For example, this won't work:

    wp_deploy_dir: "/root/wordpress"
    wp_install_dir: "{{ wp_deploy_dir }}/wordpress/web"

    While this does work:

    wp_deploy_dir: "/root/wordpress"
    wp_install_dir: "/root/wordpress/web"
  • ansible_env doesn't change with become.  However, the resulting shell environment variables do change, such as $HOME.
  • For faster development, it's possible to skip the dependency phase in converge by setting custom converge_sequence in molecule.yml.
  • It's possible to debug the tests by:
    1. Run molecule --debug verify to get the exact pytest command that was run and the value for MOLECULE_INVENTORY_FILE.
    2. Go into the scenario directory.
    3. Run the pytest command that you got from step 1, but preface it with a statement that sets MOLECULE_INVENTORY_FILE.
  • TravisCI has multiple time limits:
  • Molecule docker containers on MacOS are created with the default docker setup.  With Docker Desktop for Mac, this means that Docker—and therefore the molecule container—are running inside a hyperkit virtual machine.
    • To "log in" to the VM running the container, use the screen command to attach to an existing terminal session inside the machine:
      $ screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/vms/0/tty


  • actually runs commands with the Ansible command module.  Variable interpolation does happen at this point, but the variables must be in the global Ansible runner namespace.

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