SequelPro SSH connection to vagrant

Submitted by kentr on 03/06/2015, 21:34


Configure SequelPro connection over SSH to MySQL running on a Vagrant box.


  1. Set up vagrant VM with MySQL database and user as usual.
  2. Add Host entry for VM to .ssh/config.  Not strictly necessary, but also allows standard SSH connections, piping, etc:
    # 'vagrant' as alias for the host
    Host vagrant
      # Values from vagrant ssh-config
      User vagrant
      Port 2222
      UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
      StrictHostKeyChecking no
      PasswordAuthentication no
      IdentityFile $HOME/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key
      IdentitiesOnly yes
      LogLevel FATAL
  3. SequelPro setup
    • Use SSH connection type
    • MySQL Host:
    • Username: <MySQL user on VM>
    • Password: <MySQL password on VM>
    • Database: <MySQL database VM>
    • Port: <MySQL port on VM>
    • SSH Host: vagrant
    • SSH User: vagrant

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